The Vehicle


The Salamander Amphibious Vehicle

Through our strategic business alliance, we offer our fracnhisees exclusive access to the new Salamander Amphibious Vehicle. Utilizing the Salamander, allows City Splash Tours to expand globally as this vehicle has been specifically designed for the Splash Tour industry.

The Vehicle

The Salamander APV has a numer of design features which make it the ideal solution for any passenger amphibious travel requirements worldwide.

  • Designed to E.U. standards for both road and marine
  • Euro VI engine emission standards compliant
  • Modern vehicle utilsing a MAN, high quality chassis and drive train
  • Built to ships' classification standards i.e. DNVGL and S.I. 274:1985 inland waterways directive
  • Certified to operate in class C/Zone 2 waters i.e 1.2m wave height
  • Speed: Land - 90km/h, water - 7 knots (approx)
  • Built to ISO 9001 Quality Standards
  • Access for persons with limited mobility
  • Suitable for fresh, brackish or salt water conditions
  • Carries 36 passengers plus two crew
  • Weather independent
  • Four wheel drive option

innovative features

  • 110% buoyancy by way of foam compartmentalisation, therefore remaining afloat even in a fully flooded state
  • Mechanical sponsons provide additional stability in the water. Sponsons are housed on the roof of the vehicle during road transit before being lowered to water level for the maritime portion of the tour
  • Bespoke cooling system (patent pending)
  • Bespoke electrical system
  • Twin propeller propulsion system, powered by hydraulics, providing increased maneuverability in water

Bespoke Fit out Service

Salamander AV offer completed vehicles with a bespoke fit out service which includes:

  • Custom design services for a particular look or theme
  • A range of roof and air conditioning options
  • Interior fit-out services with a wide variety of options

Support Services

Salamander AV provide full support services including:

  • Initial and annual training programs
  • Operating manuals
  • Maintainance agreement
  • Assigned local service representitives

Vehicle Dimensions

  • Weight (empty)          12,000 kilograms
  • Weight (max)              15,000 kilograms
  • Width                           2.5 metres
  • Length                         10.9 metres
  • Height                          3.6 metres